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Jaden Walker grew up in fairly small houses up and down the East Coast. For the most part, she kept to herself, not wanting to get too close with people since she knew it'd only be a matter of time before they'd have to pack their bags and move somewhere else hundreds of miles away. It was hard always being on the road, not always having a warm place to sleep or even a roof over their heads. They didn't always have food on the table or clean clothes, but they always managed. Her father went wherever their was work, being in the construction buisness line and because of their frequent traveling, her mother could never hold down a job unless she wanted to let her husband go to the next town without them. Separating the family just wasn't on the agenda so they all opted to sticking together.

It wasn't until Jaden was thirteen that they were finally able to settle down. Her father got a stable job in New York City. They found a nice two bedroom apartment, her mother got a part time job working at a diner as a waitress. And things finally seemed like they were going well. That is until the tragic accident involving her father. He was twenty six flights in the air on a six inch wide pole with nothing under him. He slipped after a bird had startled him and fell to his death. Thus forcing Jaden's mother to get a second job to support the two of them.

Things were okay for a while, Jaden didn't see her mother very often... only for about a hour after school. That was when she was getting ready for her second job and preparing dinner for Jaden. So Jaden was pretty much on her own, raising herself into her teenage years. She hated being so alone, it made her feel... well, lonely. She found it hard to make friends, not that she was really trying. She fell into depression and self harm. It went on for seven months before her mother caught on, getting a call from her school's princepal after a concerned teacher had noticed the scars, healing cuts, and fresh cuts that covered Jaden's wrists.

The one thing she hated most was talking about what she did, how she hurt herself, especially to her mother. She felt like she was a disappointment and it angered her mother, even though that was far from the truth. At the age of seventeen, Jaden had well stopped hurting herself and she had managed to make some friends. Her depression seemed to be going away. But things have always been hard for the Walker family. And they were about to get harder. One very late night, someone had broken into their apartment thinking it was empty. But Jaden was fast asleep in her bed and her mother had gotten the night off. So she was enjoying being able to lay down at night instead of during the day. Needless to say, Jaden watched her mother get brutally murdered.

Two weeks had passed, Jaden hadn't attended school, and everyone was worried about her. So the school sent someone to check up on her. When they had, they found her in the bathtub with her wrists slashed. The next three years of her life were spent in a mental insitution. She doesn't like talking about that part of her life, she doesn't like talking about her parents either, always avoiding the subject completely.

Instead of taking the time off to collect herself again, Jaden went off to college. Her experience was normal for a teenager, she took extra classes to graduate at the age she would normally have if she had graduated at eighteen instead of nineteen. She had a load of friends, partied, and was active in school. She graduated majoring in criminalistics and minored in psychology, intending on using her knowledge to try and get a job at the mental institution she was sent to. She knows how scary it can be, so she want to help the people who are stuck there now find a way to cope with whatever is going on with them.